Wearing an African Polo  means you are committed to the valorisation of African textiles and fair trade.

                African fashion is not just wax and bazin, but a hundred or so fabrics full of history. These fabrics often include symbols with meaning. They are also the representation of a culture or a community within society. Indeed, by wearing a particular fabric, one could deduce the origin of the person. The fabric also holds symbols, it could define a particular message that an individual would wish to disclose to those around him or her, to the world.

Behind each African fabric is hidden an ancestral know-how that is gradually tending to disappear in favour of industrialization. Our talented artisans who have learned this art from generation to generation are finding it increasingly difficult to cope with this reality.

Cotton is grown in the temperate zones of the earth. Africa, located in this area, is an ideal environment for cotton cultivation. However, unlike other continents engaged in the same activity, the inhabitants, companies from the cradle of humanity, do not control its value chain. As a result, cultivation, spinning, weaving and assembly are often dissociated and carried out in other parts of the globe.

It is also African Polo goal to create a collaborative economy to make a difference. Together, we will be able to enhance the value of African textiles: from cotton cultivation to podiums and shops to offer 100% “Made in Africa” clothing throughout the world.